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Folgarida 2017

Update 4: Friday 17 February

With just one day's skiing left, we're almost ready to pack up and come home which is both exciting and a little sad after a brilliant week. It's incredible what the boys can achieve in just a few days; even those who could barely stand on the nursery slopes spent Thursday skiing down long, winding runs.

Sixty boys sliding down mountains doesn't come without the odd mishap, so we've had our fair share of upside down, inside out, back to front young men including one who somehow was wearing his skis with one pointing downhill and the other up...

Some parents might be a little surprised to hear that even the rooms have been transformed from what resembled student digs after a particularly heavy freshers' party to pristine, almost boutique, suites. Well, not quite, but some boys were found cleaning the floors in a last-ditch attempt to win the coveted Tidiest Room Award. Bribes were, obviously, welcomed.

For our final day on piste, we've booked an afternoon treat at the exclusive Chalet FIAT at the top of Monte Spinoza. Actually getting there may well be this trip's equivalent of persuading a litter of excitable kittens to march in single file, but no one said the QEGS staff aren't up for a challenge!

See you in England! Forza ragazzi!

Update 3: Wednesday 15 February

Mid-way through our trip and we're loving the experience. Days of glorious sunshine amongst the snow-covered, jagged peaks of the Dolomites can only be matched by the first-class cablecar banter of our boys! Our very own Bambis on ice are now developing into skiers, while our elite group, the Eagles, are not taking it easy, but enjoying life in the fast lane (that's for you music fans).

Tuesday saw our talent show where Mr Drury let loose with his booming X Factor voice to introduce the acts, with Mr Charlesworth taking on the role of Dermot O'Leary. Or possibly Claudia Winkleman. 
A moving piano piece even had our stone-faced receptionist grinning from ear to ear while three boys singing 'Ba ba ba ba...' in an a cappella rendition of the Star Wars theme was pushing the definition of talent to its limit! Perhaps the highlight was JRC leading the Bears ski group in singing The Bear Necessities, JRC's rich, bass tones harmonising beautifully with 8 squealing boys. Divine!

The boys loved a torchlit walk to a pizzeria. The banter express was at full speed as boys vied to be the most hilarious. Aside from the staff finishing with a delightful spray of purple wax down their right hand sides, we made it through the fog unscathed. Some dietary gremlins surfaced again, "I'm not eating that; it's sorbet, not ice cream!" But the lads loved some stone-baked pizzas.

Three skiing days to go - time flies while you're having fun!

Update 2: 6.30pm Sunday 12 February

After the usual (fairly chaotic!) process of getting 60 boys up a mountain with their skis, poles, boots and gloves, we began our week of skiing. We met our new instructors from our friends at Italian Ski Academy and began the skiing equivalent of Britain's Got Talent as boys were assessed one-by-one as they slid down their first slope.

While several attempts of a snow plough may have got a "No" from Cowell, we can report that all boys made it into a group!

A couple of hours later we were back at the hotel for a delicious Italian meal...although a couple of travellers found the move away from classic British cuisine a little trickier than others...

With the morning's herding of kittens out of the way, the afternoon session took off at full speed. Boys were all in the right group for their ability so we saw masses of progress as our great instructors could help them improve.

Notes for tomorrow:

- All footwear needs labelling immediately as boys will pinch anything left
- Some boys need some form of adhesive to glue everything they own to their skin, as this may be the only way to have them in full kit
- Despite what some boys would have us believe, cream is not poisonous

Bring on Monday - it's not often you'll hear that from a group of teachers!

Update 1: Saturday 11 February 18.00

The ski trip have arrived safely. A long journey with exemplary behaviour!

Ski Trip 2017

Saturday 11 February: Outbound Journey
Meet: 5:00 QEGS Senior School Playing Fields Car Park (on College Grove Road)
Check In: 07.35 East Midlands Airport (EMA) (FR6571 Ryanair)
Flight Departs: 09.35
Flight Arrives: 12.45 Venice (Treviso)
Coach Pick Up
Arrive: Approx 5.00pm (local time) Hotel Perla, Folgarida

Inbound: Saturday 18th February
Coach Pick Up: Hotel Perla, Folgarida
Check-in:11.10 Venice (Treviso)
Flight Departs:13.10 Venice (Treviso) (FR6572 Ryanair)
Flight Arrives:14.25 East Midlands Airport (EMA)
Coach Pick Up: 14.25 East Midlands Airport (EMA)
Arrive:16.30 QEGS Senior School Playing Fields (on College Grove Road)