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Mulberry House Nursery

The ducklings take their first dip!

Yesterday, with the weather being slightly warmer and the sun shining, it seemed the perfect opportunity for the ducklings to try out some swimming!

Firstly, Uno & Dorothy had a quick paddle in a big blue bucket in Nursery, just to try out their little legs in the water! After a while, it was time to upgrade to the big duck swimming pool - the water tray in the playground!

The children helped Mrs Dickinson fill the tray up with water. They all worked out how much water was needed to make the island easily accessible for the ducklings to climb up to. Once the water was high enough, both Uno and Dorothy seemed to prefer perching on the island to having a swim!

The boys and girls asked lots of questions about the ducklings, including 'why are they pulling at their feathers with their beaks?!'. Mrs Dickinson explained that this was to fluff their feathers back up to dry!

Everyone in Nursery is having such fun taking care of Uno and Dorothy and enjoying watching them experience new things!