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Poppy Crafting for Remembrance Day

Last week the children were very busy in the creative room crafting beautiful poppies, ready for Remembrance Day.

There were large poppies to make out of paper plates, which were painted red all over before sprinking tiny pieces of black felt to create the centre. Once these had dried, they were added to the children's homemade Poppy Cascade, which is hung up in the Rainbow Room for everyone to see each time they come into Nursery.

The crafting didn't stop there! By dipping their 'Tommy Thumbs', into red paint and squishing them down onto white card, then drawing the centre and the stalk with felt-tip pen, the children created their own poppy field pictures.

These lovely activities led up to the children observing a two minutes silence on Friday by standing in the playground and listening to the church bell ring at eleven o'clock.

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