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Hunting for Easter Eggs!

This morning, the Nursery children had a walk over to the St John's playground for some fresh air and a little adventure!

There had been a few whispers here and there that the Easter Bunny himself had been seen, hopping around the playground! The children were in disbelief, excited and, quite frankly, ready and raring to seek out the Easter Bunny and any chocolate he may have left behind whilst jumping off on his merry way! It was a good job that everyone had made their very own bunny ears the day before, so they could go over in bunny-disguise and not scare off the Easter Bunny!

Everyone crossed the road in their pairs very sensibly. As soon as Nursery entered the playground they could see that the rumours were, indeed, true! There were giant bunny footprints all over the place!

Mrs Shuttleworth challenged the children to find as many Easter eggs as possible, and she was not disappointed! The boys and girls did a fantastic job of collecting the Easter eggs that the Easter Bunny had left for them, remembering to take their findings to the baskets that the teachers had brought with them.

There were cuddly bunnies hiding by the trees, bunnies in cabbages and even a bunny sat next to a giant golden egg!

After a very busy morning exploring and hunting for chocolate treasure, it was time to make the short walk back to Nursery.

Sadly, the children didn't manage to see the Easter Bunny himself on this occasion, but Mrs Shuttleworth is SURE she saw a little white fluffy tail hopping off into the distance....

Wishing all our Mulberry House Nursery Bunnies a very Happy Easter!

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