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Getting rid of ghastly germs with Matron!

The children have started their week with a visit from Matron, who came to talk to Nursery all about germs!

Matron, who doesn't just look after Nursery, but all the girls right from Reception up to Year 13 (!), talked to the boys and girls about why it's so important to wash our hands. She explained there are lots of nasty little bugs around called germs and that they can make us poorly, there are more germs on Earth than humans! Everyone discussed why we should use tissues to sneeze in, hands to cough in and why we must always wash our hands straight afterwards.

Matron also explained why Mrs Shuttleworth tells the boys and girls every day to go to the loo and wash their hands before lunch.

Matron had brought some special orange liquid and white powder with her. The boys and girls were given either the orange liquid or white powder, both did the same job! Everyone had to rub their hands together, before Matron turned off the lights and shone a special Ultra Violet torch on to everyone's hands. Whatever showed up under the torch were germs!

So, without a fuss and after seeing just how many germs there were around, everyone lined up to throughly wash their hands with nice warm water and lots of soap. Matron had explained that germs don't like soap or warm water!

The boys and girls loved learning with Matron, what a lovely way to start our week - squeaky clean and germ free!

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