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Mulberry House Nursery

A visit from the Vet!

Yesterday afternoon the Nursery children were visited by Anna's daddy, Mr Currivan.

Mr Currivan is a Vet and takes care of poorly animals. He came in to Nursery to talk to the children about the animals he looks after and all the exciting things about his job.

The children had lots of insightful questions for Mr Currivan, including 'Why does my cat like tuna?', 'Why do tortoises go to sleep in Winter?' and 'What should Uncle John feed his guinea-pigs?'!

All the boys and girls were given the chance to try on a Vet outfit and even use a stethoscope to listen to the animal's heartbeat!

A big thank you to Mr Currivan for coming in and talking to all the children in Nursery.

Have a peak at the gallery.