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Mulberry House Nursery

A train ride with Santa!

What an exciting adventure Nursery had last Thursday.

The children arrived at school to find a message from Mrs Claus, she had lost her husband! Mr Claus aka Santa was nowhere to be found in snowy Lapland. His sleigh was parked in the shed, the reindeer were happily munching on their breakfast but there was no sign of Father Christmas himself. Nursery's mission was to help find him!

Mrs Claus sent a specially decorated bus for the boys and girls to travel in on their quest. Following clues and spotting signs along the way the boys and girls found themselves at Middleton Railway station in Leeds. After exploring an engine shed full of beautifully decorated steam engines the children found themselves on the station platform before boarding a train carriage. Bouncing along as the steam engine went clickity-clack down the track, it wasn’t long before the Man in Red appeared! In his hand he had a huge sack full of presents for the girls and boys. He had left Lapland early to deliver their gifts personally to say well done for such a wonderful school Nativity show the day before – he had watched them all on the live stream!

The children dressed in their best Christmas jumpers and enjoyed chatting to Father Christmas, telling him what was on their Christmas lists and asking him lots of questions before their train journey ended.

Everyone had a magical adventure and behaved beautifully on the day!

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