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Mulberry House Nursery

A Surprise Teddy Bears Picnic

There were bears on the loose today in Mulberry House!

Today started as a normal Wednesday until our Mulberry boys and girls found out they were having a Teddy Bears’ Picnic! They all then realised we had no Teddy Bears to have at the picnic- There was only one option… to go on a hunt to see if they could find any bears around WGHS JS playground.

They searched and searched… high and low until each and everyone had found the hidden bears! Once everyone had a bear, it was time to gather on the picnic blankets with all their friends and have some yummy sandwiches and crisps. After a busy hunt for the bears it was a needed rest to enjoy the food with their new furry friends.

All the children will be taking their Mulberry Bear home as a keepsake after a very busy day of eating sandwiches together.

Come along to find our bears here.