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Mulberry House Nursery

A surprise Teddy Bears' Picnic!

The first week of the new school year has come to a close with a very exciting day in Nursery.

It had been a fairly normal Friday morning, until four little Nursery bears went outside to find a very big bear waiting for them! Big Bear was sat at one of the new picnic tables, basking in the late morning sunshine, when the children found him. He looked really quite comfortable, but after a quick cuddle and a chat, the little Nursery bears decided it was time to tell the rest of their peers what (or who!) they had found in the playground, so his five minutes peace was cut short by a very excited group of Nursery children.

The boys and girls were beside themselves at the very thought of just how Big Bear had managed to scale the wall and climb into the Nursery playground. Eventually it was time for Big Bear to go inside and eat his lunch, so the children followed suit and sat down together with a Teddy Bears' Picnic lunch of sandwiches, juice and crisps as a very special treat! As the children were enjoying their lunch, Mrs Shuttleworth suddenly appeared! She had missed ALL the excitement - where on earth could she have been....?!

Just like the start of every school year, all the new children in Nursery have been given their very own Mulberry Bear to take home as a keepsake.

What a lovely way to bring the first week in Mulberry House Nursery to a close and a wonderful way to start the weekend!

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