Nurturing and Relationships

Mulberry House Nursery is a happy and caring environment, and staff help support children with the transition between settings, whether this is home or another Early Years provision.

This promotes an inclusive ethos and provides opportunities for each child to become a valued member of their group. Positive relationships, self-esteem and independence are promoted.

By fostering positive attitudes towards their learning, children develop an enthusiasm for knowledge, and confidence in their ability to become successful and independent learners.

Positive relationships are encouraged through:

  • Respect - children show respect other other through understanding feelings and friendships
  • Partnership and Progression - our partnership with Parents is based upon strong communication and a shared ethos of learning together between home, Mulberry House Nursery and the Reception departments at WGHS and QEGS
  • Feeling Secure - our Key Person policy nurtures a child's independence through the security provided by a meaningful attachment

Children's social skills are developed through providing opportunities that enable them to learn how to co-operate and work harmoniously with each other on a daily basis. This also aids in the development of peer friendships, many of which remain as the children take their educational journey through the schools of Wakefield Grammar School Foundation.

“Mulberry House Nursery creates a well planned, stimulating, secure and healthy environment in which warm and positive relationships are developed” ISI Inspection Report January 2012

Key Facts

  • Staff:Children ratios are maintained as laid down by EYFS Guidelines
  • Every child is valued an encouraged to develop as an individual
  • Positive relationshsip are encouraged both inside and outside of the Nursery environment
  • Friendships made in Nursery continue through school and beyond