A broad range of teaching resources are used to help children explore, enjoy, learn and talk about their developing understanding of numbers, shapes, space and measurement.

Confidence and competency is encouraged and developed through indoor and outdoors activities. In order to develop their understanding and awareness of numbers, the children are provided with opportunities to look at measurements, pattern, shape and numbers themselves.

Through songs, practical and written activities, they gain an understanding of quantities, counting, number recognition and the mathematical language needed to work with and solve simple problems.

The children have access to Numeracy activities on a daily basis as they are integrated into most activities. Throughout the EYFS ICT is closely linked with Numeracy and the children use a variety of interactive programs using the ICT resources within Nursery, and now incorporating programs on the iPads.

Key Facts

  • Counting activities take place both indoors and outdoors
  • Grouping helps develop the childrens awareness of numbers
  • Number lines are made in the playground to help reinforce counting and sequence
  • Children develop an early understanding of shapes and patterns