Teachers Make Scrubs For NHS staff

WGHS Scrub Hub - making scrubs for NHS staff

The WGHS Scrub Hub has just launched at Wakefield Girls' High School in response to demand for critical personal protective equipment to keep NHS workers safe during the coronavirus. Four teachers of DT, Textiles and Languages - Elizabeth Maher, Natalie Phillips, Emma Critch and Sandy George - are putting their skills to valuable use, making scrubs for frontline workers at Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield.

With guidance from Volunteer Manager Gwen Shackleton at Pinderfield Hospital, teacher Mrs Maher has been able to download and convert a usable pattern for producing scrubs. With many healthcare professionals among the school's parents and alumni, The WGHS Scrub Hub has been able to consult and adapt the pattern to ensure the scrubs being made are identifical to the ones the NHS use.

The WGHS Scrub Hub have pre-washed and dried the fabric to allow for shrinkage. Each set of scrubs are then being made reversible so that wearers or laundry staff don't have to turn them the right way round before or after washing. In order to make them reversible, the team have used flat felled seams throughout.

The first sets of scrubs will be delivered this week in 3 colours: holly green, dark purple and French navy.

Elizabeth said: "Thanks to the generosity of our community for their donations enabling us to buy the fabric needed. We will be sewing from home as well as the Textiles room in school. We want to help as much as possible."

"It's a shame pupils aren't in school to help," added Natalie. "We have set them an optional task to make 100% cotton scrub uniform drawstring bags, headbands to hold face masks and knitted/crochet hearts that NHS staff give to patients and family members. "

One Year 13 pupil, Ruby Allen, has risen to the challenge and amazingly produced 32 scrub bags already.

Headteacher, Ms Boyes, commented " I am extremely proud of everyone in our community. It is always important to make the best use of our resources and I am delighted to see how this is currently happening at Wakefield Girls' High School."

**UPDATE** Thank you for your offers of help. If you would like to make a donation to help us buy supplies of material you can do so here.