Gratitude to Mr Brent Carlin who has been busy manufacturing 290 face masks in his Design & Technology classroom to help protect our key worker heroes at Barnsley Hospice, Wakefield Hospice, Cohens Chemist (Dodworth), Vicarage Court Care Home (Featherstone) and Wakefield Council.

As media coverage shows how difficult our frontline NHS and care workers find souring adequate PPE, WGHS school equipment has been put to valuable work by Head of D&T, Mr Carlin to help out. The D&T workshop’s laser cutter has been working at full stretch as Brent has produced 290 visors to respond to local demand.

Brent says: " Each individual visor takes about a maximum of 5 minutes to manufacture. The visor is made from 2 different materials (clear PVC/acetate for the screen and 0.8mm polypropylene for the head band parts). Polypropylene is an excellent choice because it offers exceptional chemical resistance, which aids cleaning, and at the same time is incredibly tough yet flexible."

Once manufactured, an army of staff are assisting by assmebling the visors before delivering them to those in need.

The school produced PPE is based on a design which is freely available from a school supply company called Kitronik. Mr Carlin has adapted it in order to half the production time of each visor using our laser cutter and optimising use from the material sizes available at Wakefield Girls’ High School. It resulted in a slightly longer visor.

While Wakefield Girls' High School has the machinery and skilled resource required to keep manufacturing critical PPE for our frontline key workers, our school supplies of the materials needed are now running low. We would be grateful for supplies of 0.5mm - 0.8mm polypropylene sheet, clear PVC or acetate sheet. If you are able to donate any of these materials to school please email bcarlin@wgsf.net.

**UPDATE** Thank you for your offers of help. If you would like to make a donation to help us buy supplies of material you can do so here.