WGSF Twitter Policy

The Foundation has two Twitter accounts for the purpose of Marketing @WGHSYorkshire and @QEGSYorkshire.

Both of these accounts are managed by the Foundation’s Marketing Department.

If a user follows either of these accounts, they can expect a minimum of 5-10 tweets a week (using imagery where appropriate) covering a wide range of subjects including:

  • Events on the school calendar
  • Links to news items as featured on the WGSF website
  • Spontaneous postings on a day-to-day basis in response to school life or education related issues in the media
  • Alerts to news or press coverage of Alumni
  • Real-time coverage of significant School occasions
  • Emergency situations that may arise

Twitter and School Communications

The Foundation’s Twitter accounts do not take the place of other existing channels of communication giving parent or pupil’s important School-related information.

In emergency situations or in case of inclement weather, @WGHSYorkshire and @QEGSYorkshire may supplement information already shared through other primary parent/pupil communication channels.

The Marketing Department updates and monitors the accounts during office hours of 8am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday and out of hours when required (sports fixtures/trips).


WGSF does not automatically follow new followers, and being followed back does not imply endorsement of any kind. Other accounts, at the discretion of the Marketing Department, will be followed if of relevance to the school life of either QEGS or WGHS.

@Replies and Direct Messages

While monitoring the accounts, the Schools cannot guarantee to reply to all messages although the Marketing Department will engage in conversation (using the correct tone of voice) wherever possible. The Schools reserve the right when selecting to retweet messages to do so in accordance with appropriate subject threads and comments already posted.

Contacting us via Twitter is a fast and efficient way of connecting with us, but our other contact channels should be considered the route for all official correspondence.