Foundation Awards

Foundation Awards are bursaries which enable children to attend one of the schools of Wakefield Grammar School Foundation, even though this would normally be beyond the reach of the parents’ financial situation*. This widens the range of educational opportunity for both pupils and parents.

Who is eligible for a Foundation Award?
Foundation Awards are available for pupils entering Year 3 in the Junior Schools (7 years +), Year 7 in the Senior Schools (11+ years) and also Year 12 (16+ years) in the Sixth Forms, subject to performance in the Entrance Tests.

Requests for bursaries in other year groups should be made to the Bursar and Clerk to the Governors.

It should be noted that a Junior School Foundation Award is not automatically extended to the Senior School. Recipients of fee assistance in the Junior School will need to apply for a Senior School Foundation award. Senior School Foundation Awards are automatically extended to the Sixth Form.

What assistance is available?
The Governors will consider providing a Foundation Award where the net parental income is less than £50,000 per annum. Note: This income will take account of any investments, assets or equity in property.

Junior Schools (7+)
Awards at both Junior Schools are available worth 25% - 50% of fees.

Senior Schools (11+)
Awards at both Senior Schools are available worth 25% - 75% of fees.

Additional Awards
Bursaries are available each year at both Queen Elizabeth Grammar School and Wakefield Girls' High School to help with the fees (up to 100%), uniform, travel costs and essential school trips.

Sixth Form (16+)
Awards at both the Sixth Forms are available worth 25% - 75% of fees.

Note: In exceptional circumstances more assistance may be available.


What about divorced and separated parents?
Income will usually be assessed on the parent who has actual custody of the child, plus that of his or her new spouse or partner. If applicable, maintenance payments from the other parent will be included as income.

What happens if my situation changes?
Parental income will be reviewed annually in May each year and as a result adjustments made to the level of award, if appropriate.

When do I apply for a Foundation Award?
7+ and 11+: Applications in respect to entry into the next academic year should be made from September onwards of the preceding year and by the 31st December, so that interviews can have taken place before the end of the Autumn Term. Recommendations as to eligibility for Foundation Awards need to be made to the Heads before the Entrance Examinations early in the Spring Term.

16+: Applications for Sixth Form (16+) can be made during the Spring and Summer Term prior to the new academic year commencing in September. Applications can even be made following GCSE examination results in August.

How do I apply for a Foundation Award?
Application forms are now available to download under 'Related Information' and can be returned via email. If you would like further information please contact our Finance Administrator Mrs Barbara Dransfield, in confidence, where you can arrange a personal meeting or alternatively drop in to see her at our annual Information Morning and Sixth Form Information Evening which take place in early October and Mid November respectively.

(* Parents or Legal Guardians)

Key Facts

  • Fee assistance is available to pupils from 7 years of age, worth 25% - 75% of fees
  • Assistance is available where net parental income is £50,000 or less per annum
  • Additional Bursaries are available for entry into Year 7 (11+) worth up to 100% of fees
  • Parents have to pay the balance of the fees after the deduction of their Foundation Award