Bus Services from Barnsley

The Barnsley Bus Service is operated by Pride of the Road Travel Ltd.

To book a place on this service, contact Mr Platts on (01226) 972446 or 07562 755526

Important Notice

Bus services to and from Wakefield Grammar School Foundation are operated by specific companies on behalf of parents. The Foundation is not directly involved with these services. Payment for school bus fares should be made directly to the bus companies unless otherwise notified.

Pick up and journey times may be subject to change, and are at the discretion of the bus companies.

All return routes are in reverse (unless stated otherwise) departing at 4.15pm. The pick-up point for the home journey will be confirmed to parents and pupils by the bus companies.

When after school commitments prevent a pupil from catching a school bus, it is the responsibility of parents to make alternative arrangements.

Route A

07.35 departure - Penistone Church
07.37 - Penistone - Barnsley Road
07.40 - Hoylandswaine - Village
07.40 - Hoylandswaine - Cooper Lane
07.41 - Silkstone - Bus Stop
07.42 - Silkstone - Medical Centre
07.47 - Cawthorne Green
07.52 - Barugh Green Lights
07.55 - Darton - Bence Lane
07.56 - Darton - Church

Route B

07.15 - Stairfoot - McDonalds Bus Stop
07.20 - Wombwell - High Street Bus Stop
07.20 - Wombwell - Railway Station
07.20 - Wombwell - Top of Wood Walk
07.23 - Platts Common - Sammies
07.26 - Tankersley - Glebe Court Side
07.34 - Dodworth - Dodworth Valley
07.42 - Pogmoor Road/Farm House Lane - Bus Stop
07.44 - Hospital - Bus Stop (top of Summer Lane)
07.47 - Bottom of Queens Drive
07.49 - Hayseldens
07.53 - Millers Pub
07.54 - Mapplewell - Pye Ave
07.56 - Mapplewell - Bus Stop (opposite Barn Brook)
07.59 - Bottom of Shaw Lane

Pupil Behaviour on School Buses

Pupils using a school bus are expected to behave appropriately at all times, displaying respect and courtesy towards the bus driver and other pupils. All buses are fitted with seat belts which must be worn at all times when the bus is moving. In the event of misbehaviour, the bus companies have the right to contact the parents of the individual(s) concerned and the Deputy Head of their school.