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Ethos of Single-Sex Education

The Foundation’s Aim is to develop and maintain inspirational learning environments at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School and Wakefield Girls’ High School, with the schools focused towards the distinctive needs of boys and girls.

Both schools have outstanding track records for delivering exemplary single-sex education. So successful in fact, that from September 2011 the arrangement was extended at the Junior Schools to include all pupils from 4 years old.

Since the schools’ inception, boys at QEGS and girls at WGHS, have consistently excelled in academic and extra-curricular life, achieving regional and national success in an ever increasing range of activities. Sport, music, drama, travel and outward bound challenges complement focused academic environments designed specifically to draw the best from each of the 2,200 boys and girls at the schools.

We firmly believe that the Foundation’s schools offer the ‘Best of Both Worlds’. On one campus (all the schools are within a few minutes’ walk of each other) the different and distinctive learning needs of boys and girls are fully embraced, whilst the benefits of joint projects and musical and dramatic productions are enjoyed at all levels.

Building on its 400 year tradition, the Foundation itself goes from strength to strength, with its schools aligned in operation and governance by our shared ethos and commitment to single-sex education.

“Both schools have outstanding track records for delivering exemplary single-sex education.”

Key Facts

  • It is widely acknowledged that boys and girls learn in different ways
  • WGSF is committed to recognising these learning differences in the classroom
  • Co-curricular opportunities ensure pupils at WGHS and QEGS mix, preparing them for University and the work place